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馬來西亞 蜜糖大樹菠蘿蜜 凍乾脆脆

馬來西亞 蜜糖大樹菠蘿蜜 凍乾脆脆

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Honey Jackfruit is a unique tropical fruit in Malaysia and also the heaviest fruits in the world.

Honey Jackfruit pulp has great fragrance and sweet taste just like honey when consumed thus making it the favorite choice for tropical fruit lovers.


Direct consumption as healthy snack

Blend into powder and use as natural jackfruit flavoring into dessert or bakery products


100% Jackfruit

Packaging Specifications:

Weight: Approximate weight of about 50g

Storage Method:

Store at room temperature, avoid direct sunlight, keep in a cool and dry place.

Important Notes:

Production or best-before date is indicated on the packaging

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