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Dking Malaysia Durian Dodol

Dking Malaysia Durian Dodol

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Dking Malaysia Durian Dodol

Product Introduction:

Crafted using Malaysia's durian to create a durian paste, the outer layer of the coconut sugar Malay cake offers a chewy and soft texture. Encasing the durian paste, the cake showcases the sweet and aromatic durian flesh, delivering a rich and delightful taste experience.


Glutinous, Flour, Coconut Milk, Malacca Sugar, Durian Paste.


Packaging Specifications:

Weight: Approximately 35g per piece, total net weight of about 180g


Storage Method:

Store at room temperature, avoid direct sunlight, keep in a cool and dry place.


Important Notes : 

Production or best-before date is indicated on the packaging.
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